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For all enquiries please email: info@pineriversrowing.org.au



Rowing is easily accessible with over 30 clubs throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.  Pine Rivers like most clubs runs a "Learn to Row" program with great coaches to help you become confident on the water.

For all Enquiries Email:  info@pineriversrowing.org.au


Pine Rivers Rowing Club 4 sessions Learn to Row Course.


Session 1

• Introduction to the sport of rowing and Pine Rivers Rowing Club

• Tour of facilities

• Introduction to boat / shell types and oars

• Introduction to rowing specific language

• Demo of rowing cycle and practical on ergo (rowing machine)

• Demonstration and practical of safe entry / exit of boat

• On–water practical session

Sessions 2–4

• Revisit of rowing cycle and practical on land (e.g., ergo)

• On-water practical session


  Courses are scheduled as places are filled from enquiries.



"My introduction to rowing this morning was fantastic.

Instructors were very knowledgeable and patient.

Look forward to doing a 4 week course in

February next year."